Shape Forming Technology

Mecolpress is leader in the production of industrial presses for the hot forging of materials like brass, aluminium, titanium, copper and steel.

Our Research and Development department support our customers to obtain several goals:

  • To be informed about the methodologies to optimize the production thanks to the hot forging of the parts in an efficient way, without the need of subsequent operations like trimming the flash or similar, and also in an effective way, producing a piece that is robust and perfect as the shape to which is inspired;
  • To learn which are the most suitable materials for which applications and determine in which conditions the properties of the materials itself are best performing;
  • To adapt the best production technics to the need of specific industry sectors, to particular countries prescriptions, according to the local laws and styles.


Always at the fore front in developing new hot forging processes for flash-less brass components.


Presses & Innovative Solutions for hot forging of several aluminum alloys components.



Solutions for forging components designed for the biomedical & other special sectors.


Cold / hot forging solutions for copper components used by sectors requiring high electrical & thermal conductivity.


Innovations in the traditional hot forging process aimed at producing steel shapes in a more cost-effective, flexible process and higher quality.