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Mecolpress has been founded in 1969 for manufacturing presses for the hot forging of metal alloys. The designing abilities of the founders and the regular application of the technological innovation have allowed to gain in short time a leading position among all manufacturers in this industry sector and to be highly appreciated on all international markets.

The company in few years aquires two hystorical brands in the screw presses segment, Osterwalder and Dellavia, to broaden its market opportunities.

Today, the standard range of available machines reaches 8.000 kN and goes above 10.000 kN for the special projects, we can offer as turn-key plants complete forging lines including bars sawing, graphitizing, heating furnaces, presses, mechanical presses, industrial presses, hand-operatedor automatic trimming presses as well as eventual other machines, giving a whole process guarantee and also covering customers’ requirements for personalized solutions.

The company is distributed on an area of more than 30.000 sq.mt., thanks to the great experience aquired can offer in addition to the machines also training and technical consulting services, process and dies studies, used presses, used hydrauluc presses and used mechanical presses.

Video-racconto della storia di Mecolpress
Video-racconto della storia di Mecolpress

The Company

Mecolpress has for many years been a leader in the production of mechanical and hydraulic presses and in services that use hot forging technologies for the precision of the shape.

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