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Forge gate valves with a ME Hydraulic press!

In this video you can see the hot forging of gate valves with a ME hydraulic press.
Go beyond the normal criticality of the forging of these valves, get a piece without flash and reduce production costs.

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Why to choose Mecolpress presses?

Mecolpress makes available to its customers quality presses and all its technologic know how. For those who need high performing machineries for hot forging we are a reliable and with a solid experience partner in this field, gained in many years of activity.

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The “possessed” screw press

Even when some machines present the most complex problems and there seems to be no solution, Mecolpress, thanks to the solid technical skills that have always distinguished it, is able to resolve the situation. Specific case is what happened with one of our client and his badly functioning barbell. Read the whole article to find out the details.

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Cloud Presses

This year at EMO2019 we will give practical demonstration of how our machines can become smart.

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EMO 2019: We unveil the technology of the future!

Mecolpress is ready for EMO 2019, the most important metalworking machinery fair, in Hannover from September 16th …
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Friction or electrical screw press?

The screw presses can be friction or electric. Which one to choose? The decision of the model is related to the type of pieces that one wants to obtain but also to the performance of the press. Find out the differences between these two types of screw presses in this article.

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