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Mechanical presses, electronic presses, hydraulic presses, screw presses.
For the hot forging, coining, and trimming of metals. .

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Mecolpress is leader in the production of industrial presses for the hot forging of materials like brass, titanium, aluminium, copper and steel.

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Biography of our hot forging blog

Why did Mecolpress decide to open a blog on hot forging? What answers can you find in this blog? This is the identity of our project.

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Remote forging test

Do you also need to do a remote forging test? From today it is possible! Do not move and follow all the steps of the acceptance test in a comfortable and safe way.

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The dies lubrication determines your forging success!

Knowing how to use the right dies lubrication in a hot forging system is essential to success. The customers we meet often have dies lubrication problems.

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The company

Our history

Mecolpress for years leading in the production of mechanical, hydraulic presses and services for hot forging solutions.



Mecolpress is at the service of its customers to define the processes that lead to the production of high-tech pieces.

The definition of the best forging strategy for the production of components: from the analysis of the forging process to the configuration of the machine strategy.

Design and construction of robotics for the automation of presses and other hot forging auxiliary machines.