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Shape Forming Technology


Mechanical Forging Presses

Mechanical Forging Presses can work in continuous or discontinuous cycle, depending on the requirements.

They can be equipped with various accessories needed for deep vertical and horizontal extrusion piece forging.

They use a profibus technique with fully digital devices, CNC programming, electronically controlled automatic loading and unloading.


Hydraulic Forging Presses

Mecolpress-patented hydraulic presses, suitable for hot forging of standard and special brass or aluminium pieces. This clamping force is higher than those of traditional mechanical presses.

Independent & controlled movements of the ram and punches allow for flash-less hot forging also of complex pieces.

Screw Presses

Screw presses suitable for forging, calibration and straightening works.

Two lines of machines are available to our customers: the traditional series with friction screw drive and the newer series, which has a coaxial electric motor commanding the screw.

These presses are ideal for hot forging of complex pieces or pieces that require a series of forming steps.


The definition of the best forging strategy to produce the pieces: from the analysis of the forging process to the configuration of the machine.   

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The qualified After Sales Service provides to all requests the quickest support by using the most modern diagnostic and information tools.

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