There are electrical or friction screw presses. Which to choose? The choice of the model is linked to the type of parts you want to forge, but also to the press performance. Discover the differences between these types of screw press by reading this article.

The mechanic friction machine is provided with a flywheel that rotates the screws clockwise or counterclockwise so that to let the slide go down or go up. In this case the transmission of the motion from the electric motor to the flywheel happens through the friction created on a leather belt. This model does not permit a direct control of the motor and of the flywheel, even if it presents considerable advantages in terms of energy saving. Indeed, a friction screw press has a medium consumption of about 40 KWh.

These presses require a smaller investment than the one of the screw presses with electrical servomotor, but they need the leather belt replacement, necessary for the slide movement when it wears.

Suitable for the hot forging of every type of material, the friction screw presses are used for the production of full parts.

This press, as opposed to the friction one differs for an electrical motor directly mounted on the flywheel, in the upper side of the machine, that rotates the screw. Thanks to this characteristic, the electrical screw press allows a better control of the productive process. Indeed, it is possible to check the descent and rise speed at any moment, to have direct feedback about the production of the machine and to calculate the necessary tonnage for the hot forging of parts you want to produce.

The electrical screw press requires more electrical energy, but its components wear less, and it is particularly indicated for the production of parts that require more strokes to be completed. In addition, it is possible to obtain much more energy with a reduced stroke, which does not always happen in the case of friction screw press. As a result, this machine has a rate of production slightly higher than a traditional machine.

The mechanical screw presses of Mecolpress TDS series are moreover provided with Calipso software, which is also developed by our company, that allows the data collection and recording in real time. In this way the end-user can do a process evaluation and intervene to optimize it.

Mecolpress proposes to its customers both friction screw presses and direct control with electrical servomotor control screw presses, developed to satisfy the different productive needs and suitable for the forging of full parts destined to sectors such as automotive, medical and sport one.

Friction or electrical screw press?

In order to understand which press is more suitable for your company all you need is to

refer to Mecolpress sales department.

By analyzing the production needs and the typology of the parts to be forged we will help you to choose the most suitable and performing press for your productive reality.