Thanks to the long experience as press manufacturers, Mecolpress can offer to its customers a wide choice of mechanical and hydraulic presses for hot forging and our sales department team can suggest the most suitable machine for the realization of a specific geometry.

Differences between mechanical press and hydraulic press

The mechanic press develops the movements necessary for forging thanks to mechanical connections between the ram and the horizontal coring system of the parts. The upper die close against the lower one and the punches enter laterally. The movements of the mechanical components are therefore all connected with each other and their planning results to be a little bit restricted because if you adjust the movement of a component, you will automatically modify the other ones, as well.

The movements of the components of the hydraulic press are adjusted by hydraulic cylinders instead and you will have an independent control on each axis. This implicates a superior programming flexibility because you can operate on the single components and obtain a better material flow management inside the die.

When it is better to choose a mechanical press

The mechanical at continuous cycle presses for metals hot forging have a higher productivity compared to the hydraulic presses, and this certainly represents an advantage.

There are vertical forged parts, such as the straight junctions or the nuts, that due to their shape are very suitable to be forged by high productivity mechanical presses.

When it is better to choose a hydraulic press

The hydraulic presses allow a major control on the movements of the single components and are more suitable for the realization of parts of complex geometry, such as the slide gate valves. The punches that contribute to the realization of the part are indeed independent and are generally four, placed at 90° of distance from each other, but one or even two punches can be set up with a variable angle of entry, for example of 45° compared to the adjacent one. This implicates a higher flexibility and the possibility to realize some very complex shapes maintaining a high-quality standard.

Another characteristic of hydraulic presses for metals hot forging is the fact that they need less structure inside the productive area because they do not need to be placed on a pit, that is compulsory for the mechanical presses. The positioning of the hydraulic press on simple floor allows a higher flexibility in the factory layout.

The best choice? Ask Mecolpress!

The choice to buy a mechanical or a hydraulic press is almost exclusively made based on the shape of the part to be forged and not based on the material. Both the presses typology forge indeed different types of metals. The only case in which the material can be a decisive factor refers to steel productions that often require the use of a screw press because of the high tonnage.

Mecolpress offers excellent mechanical and hydraulic presses according to the part geometry that the customer wants to realize, and suggests the best and most performing press, that can indeed optimize the production and sparing on the costs.

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