Even when some machineries present complex problems and when it seems that no solutions are possible, Mecolpress thanks to the solid technical skills that have always characterized it, can solve the situation. A specific case is what happened to a customer of ours and to his malfunctioning screw press. Read all the article to discover the details.

Screw press criticalities

Not long ago we were contacted by an Italian company specialized in the production of spades, shovels and other gardening tools. They bought a second-hand screw press from a competitor of ours because they needed to automate the forging line for spades and shovels by means of robots. Unfortunately, immediately from the beginning, some problems of machine malfunctioning were observed.

Indeed, the screw press just after three or four working hours lost capacity of hit till to stop completely and in addiction it consumed excessively the leather belt that had to be replaced even three times per month.

It really seemed to be “possessed by demons” and even who sold the machine could not solve the problem in the first instance, even though the numerous technical interventions that were carried out.

Since they could not repair in no way the machine and thanks to the suggestions of other machines suppliers, the company decided therefore to refer to Mecolpress hoping to find a valid technical support.

Mecolpress intervention

After a first telephone contact, our technician intervened directly on the press and after a first mechanical analysis he decided to dismount the main screw looking for the possible defect inside the machine.

After a half working day our skilled technician could identify the problem: one of the bronze ring was built with a wrong tolerance and as a result it caused an increase of temperature in the screw. Therefore, the materials expanded and led to a complete stop of the machine.

Our competitors could not even suppose this problem, while our technician in just a working day could identify exactly the reason of the malfunctioning.

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This case study has shown how much it is important to have available all the projects and all the technical specifications of the machines which you want to operate on. The bronze ring of the screw press was realized according to a superficial mechanical analysis and to an insufficient knowledge of the complete design of the machinery.

Mecolpress has proved to have the necessary skills and experience to evaluate when a detail can make the difference. Indeed, even some unimportant details can cover a fundamental role in the optimal functioning of a press.

Our company has revealed once again to be a reliable and expert partner you can refer to for complex and apparently insurmountable technical matter.